Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Lovely Thursday!

The sun is shining and the leaves are gorgeous! I love a lovely day in the fall :-)

I weighed myself today again... sometimes i am lucky and people aren't home
117.5!!! I have lost like a half a pound a day steady now for a couple days. New BMI : 19.6

non fat plain yogurt with a little granola (110)
crackers and some low fat cream cheese (130)
sandwich with low cal bread (110) Each slice of bread only has 35 calories! Its made by nature's own
brownie ugh (150)
Total : 500.

Out take : 452 (Walking around campus, exercises and took the dog on a loooong walk)

Total : 48. not too bad but i shouldn't have eaten the brownie. i should have had an apple or something.

I still have a lot of walking around campus to do. My parking spot is so far away and i walk instead of taking the bus so it burns a lot of calories. 

Well i have to go but I should be on tonight and I will probably make another thinspo post.

Think Super Thin Thoughts!!



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