Monday, November 15, 2010

Thinspo Today!!!

look at those legs 

baggy skinny jeans ? 

this is her now
and this is her before
i know this one is a cover but skin and bones really

i like this one! flat abs and skinny legs!

well i will find more later!

yesterday went well. cleaned up the garage. ate little. watched desperate housewives. :-)

today i will be doing laundry, cleaning the house inside, and eating little.
i made a bowl of oatmeal (130) at like 8:30 and i still havent finished it. ive just been munching on it and a big cup of black coffee.
goal today: out take more than intake.
i wish i could weigh myself. i hate not knowing. its starting to get to me.
well the other day i measured.

waist : 24 inches
bust : 32
hips : 32.5
butt : 36 (argh)
thigh : 19.5
wrist : 5.5
bicep : 8.5

not sure what to think about those... the waist used to be 25.
im not to sure about the others.

hope everyone is doing great!!

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  1. Cleaning the house is great distraction! :D I'm sure with all that cleaning your burning plenty of cals :) xx


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