Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Ways to Skinny (56 ways and counting)

As the advertisement says: Every Little Helps.

 1- Are you hungry? Drink a large glass of water. Wait 5 minutes and then see if you are hungry.

2- Get your sleep. You aren't eating when you sleep. Also if you get more sleep you will be less hungry during the day.

3- Every 27 steps burns one calorie (at a moderate pace)

4- Eat negative calorie foods. (Vegetables)

5- Eating a salad at the end of a meal will actually help you flush more of the calories and stuff out. But eating a salad first might fill you up faster. My thoughts: if you are going to eat a meal eat a salad after. If you are going to eat a salad don't eat a meal after it. Just eat lots of greens.

6- Do not eat in front of the tv

7- Eat on light colored plates. You will see the food better and maybe not eat as much.

8- Always leave some food on the plate. You may need to start small. Start by just leaving one bite on the plate. Then two and so on. Eventually you will think you have to leave food on the plate and eat less.

9- Become a vegetarian. Not a vegetarian who eats chicken and fish. But a hard core vegetarian. No meat, no fish, no eggs, no gelatin, nothing made from an animal. I would keep milk and cheese in there because I like cheese and ice cream. I tried being a vegan but I ended up almost fainting every time I walked up the stairs so I had to add those things back in.

10- Need a distraction? Watch your favorite tv show. Or watch a tv show or movie with some type of eating disorder inspiration in it. Trainspotting, Skins, Ally McBeal show (Once she got uber skinny), Friends (check out Monica and Rachel's arms in the later seasons!), The OC, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock (some episodes, well at least may gross you out), there is a pbs e.d. mini documentary look up thinking thin or something like that.... you get the idea

11- go through inspirational websites

12- Drink tea. If it is at night, drink Sleepytime tea.

13- Drink your coffee black. no sugar, no creamer, no sweeteners.

14- Get a dog. You will HAVE to take him/her on walks. At meal times feed the dog. Sometimes it feels good to feed others and not yourself. Your dog will not be suspicious

15- Count to 100 slowly if you are hungry. Maybe the counting will take your mind off food or maybe you will think of some reasons not to eat.

16- Ginger speeds up the metabolism. So do spicy foods.

17- Cinnamon might curb your hunger.

18- Breakfast: 1/4 or 1/3 cup of quick or whole oats, 1 tsp or less of cinnamon. No sugar. If you can't do this, try 1 tbsp brown sugar or less. Edit: a tbsp of brown sugar has 52 calories according to the US Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database. (http://www.livestrong.com/article/306026-the-calories-in-one-tablespoon-of-brown-sugar/)

19- Lunch: salad: no dressing. only veggies or fruits.

20- Dinner: can you skip it? "I ate dinner out" "I picked up fast food on the way home" "I ate at school" "I will grab something later" There are plenty of excuses. If you think its true so will others.

21- Make small goals for yourself. You will be more likely to stay motivated if you reach your goals. 

22- I think about all of the people around me who are skinnier and think that should be me

23- Take a shower or a bath

24- Take a diuretic or laxative. I like the chocolate flavored ones. Do not go over board with these. I used to take these like vitamins and screwed up my "schedule" for a while. Only take them sparingly.

25- After dieting and exercising a lot you may lose you period. This is not good for your health. You will lose bone density and be at risk for osteoporosis later on. I lost mine at about 112 pounds and exercising for at least 2 hours a day.

26- Make a last eat time.... I like to go by this rule: If you don't eat after 7pm then don't eat before 7am. That is a whole 12 hours without eating. You could make it longer but I like using the same numbers.

27- Espresso. I am a coffee person usually but I recently found that espresso makes me so hyper. And by hyper, I mean I get so much done and I am extra active which means more calories burnt.

28 - Park your car farther away.

29 - Take the stairs. Or even go up some extra floors and then come back down. If you are weak I would not suggest this because you will end up looking pretty worn out by the time you get to where you are going.

30 - Go on a fast. No food, no thick juices. I usually allow one 8 oz juice per day and make sure it is cranberry (not juice cocktail). The first day is easy. The second day is harder and the third day is hardest. After 3 days it gets pretty easy. You may be weaker than usual though. I would not suggest going for too long because your body will go into starvation mode but a short fast usually helps me get back on track.

31 - Schedule things during meal times to keep your self away from food at those times. 

32- Know your BMI. http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bmicalc.htm This site works great and will calculate in metric or inches/feet. Mine is 19.8. Underweight is 18.5 and below. Over weight is 25 and above.

33 - Get a tape measure. This way you can monitor where you are losing or gaining weight. The places I like to measure and monitor: waist, thighs, calves, bust, butt. I seem to lose weight last from my legs :-( At 107 my thighs were still huge. At 107, My BMI was 17.8.

34 - Feeling fat? Stop thinking about it and go to the gym. If you can't get to the gym there are plenty of ways to work out: get a hula hoop, try ankle weights or wrist weights. Wear the weights whenever you can to boost your calories burned. Do sit ups, crunches, push ups, pull ups anything. Pull-ups actually work a ton of muscles: from your arms to your back. I can do one pull up. You have to start somewhere. 

35 - playing cards? Ask to be the dealer/shuffler, you will have to do more work. Same with any board game: be the banker... you can squeeze in little things everywhere and it all adds up

36 - Fidget. Just fidgeting can add up to 800 calories a day to your expenditure. When calculating my total calorie intake for the day I do not add this in. I like to know that I ate less but still tell myself it's not good enough.

37 - Get a buddy to diet with. You will do better. But make sure you have the same/similar goals. If the other person is not prepared to go as far as you, they will discourage you when you get "too" thin.

38 - Wash the dishes by hand and scrub hard. This will work out your arms.

39 - When grocery shopping take the basket instead of a cart: you will burn more calories and not be able to buy as much food.

40 - Have a rule about over eating: If you over eat you must burn that many calories or more.

41 - Hate running or going to the gym? Get an itouch and watch movies or tv shows on it while you workout. You will work out for longer. Or grab a good book and get on the bicycle. One time I was reading such a good book that I ended up biking for 2 hours! 

42 - Like shopping? Walking in the mall will help burn calories and you will be looking at skinny clothes and mannequins. Inspiration right there as you exercise. 

43 - Do a certain amount of leg lifts every morning or night: I like to do at least 50 per leg.

44 - Watch something happy and exciting! Your favorite show or movie.

45 - Take a nap

46 - Do not drink diet sodas: they will make you want to eat and make you want more sugar.

47 - If you do want a soda: share one with someone. I usually just take sips off someone else's soda to satisfy my craving.

48 - Read a magazine: I like Harper's Bazaar and Real Simple. I love fashion and being organized.

49 - Eat fiberous foods. They will help you well you know. And also they burn calories when you digest them. I think I read somewhere that each gram of fiber burns 7 calories to digest.

50 - Cook for others. If you are hosting a party or dinner you will probably be caught up in cooking that you may not sit down for the meal. Tell them you ate while you were cooking. But be careful, if you do eat while you cook try to keep track of it.

51 - Take a "long cut."

52 - Squats or "plies." With feet turned out in first, second and fifth positions do some squats. These will work your thighs in and out. and give you better balance. they will also work out your butt.

53 - Procrastinate

54 - A food diary. Write down everything you eat after you eat it. This will keep you on track.

55 - Buy your clothes too small. you will have to lose weight to fit in them so you dont waste money

56 - keep some good white lies in your pocket (not literally). just know things to say when someone asks you if you ate, are going to eat, or why you arent eating

I will Keep adding to this.... If you would like to add something... Just make a comment and I will add it in or respond to it


  1. This is so helpful.. Thannks!!

  2. Your calories for that tbsp of sugar are strange...
    One tablespoon of sugar weighs about 10 grams and thus contains ~41 kcal.
    One teapoon has roughly half, being 5 grams and ~20 kcal.

    So either your spoons are HUGE or they don't have 60 calories^^ ;-)


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