Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a brand new week :-)

Even though today is tuesday, it starts a new week for me. i only have school tuesday, wednesday and thursday so today is like the beginning.

i have started very well.
about 5 bites of oatmeal (50 maybe)
an ounce of cheese with some crackers (150)
so it is 2pm and only 200 calories.

out take : 377!
overall total : -177 :-)

i am planning on eating a lovely honeycrisp apple as a snack later and a big salad for dinner. i am eating with my family tonight but i already requested a big salad and my mom was good with that.

so some thoughts:
my memory pretty much is awful. but it seems to be getting better now that i am counting again. i think now that i feel more in control i am able to concentrate better and i am remembering things better.
even though i am eating less i feel like i have more energy because i am happier and more motivated.
i have been smelling more things. i know that sounds funny but i have been noticing more smells lately. both good and bad. 

for the first time since i started counting again some asked me:
"have you been losing weight?"
it made me feel sooo good :-) 

i got on the scale today. 119. which means i am a half pound down :-)
i knew the weekend was bad but at least i still lost some since the last time i got on the scale.

i would really like to lose at least a pound a week until christmas and see where i am then. i am not sure how it will go but i will just keep on keeping on.

i have some free time today so i will update my list.


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  1. That honeycrisp apple sounds lush!!! :) And good on you for the loss :) xx


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