Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Better Day... And in the negative! :-)

Ok so yes today was better. It was not the greatest but it was a little better.
We came to the conclusion that we will be together forever just not at the rate we were going...  So yes this is good news but I just hope we get better soon. I mean, we have the wedding in like 2 weeks. 

so enough of that.

Intake :
cereal and activia yogurt (125)
soup and crackers (175)
speaztle (i shouldnt have but yum) (200?) It was a small bowl but i don't know how much it was...
4 bites pork, green beans two slice low cal toast with butter spread (150)
fiber one bar (130)

Total : at most 780

Out take : 855

TOTAL : -75! I love being in the negative! 

It was definitely better food intake wise compared to the weekend and tuesday but I still need to do better. Especially with the wedding coming up. I have to look damn good in that dress!

Thinspo on the next post!!

<3 Love you all!

p.s. - so i used to have a xanga site... i think the last time i got on there was in like 2007 or 2008... I can't remember my email or login i used haha i was just thinking about it today and thought it would be interesting to read now.... i think the "me" back then would be inspiring... at 107 pounds and i would go on 3 day fasts regularly. i was great back then.

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