Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday of Mondays

I resisted eating a lovely lindor chocolate ball last night! I was so proud because usually i eat one chocolate every night and it is the first time in quite sometime i made it without one. sort of a ritual so i am glad i broke it.

Intake : 501
Out Take : 696

Total : -195!

I have fallen into my old ways and i am good with that. I start by exercising like crazy. I just go and go and go and go... Today: I ran 5 miles today. Then I did an at home workout : leg lifts, crunches and such, and then I stretched for like 30 or so minutes. Then I went shopping for my wedding band. I swear I walked and walked for so long. I finally came across the perfect one and I can't wait for it to arrive :-) Oh and I am about to burn another 100 or so calories jogging in place. It will probably end up more like 150 or 200.

I know I eat a lot but I try to make up for it. I started this way last time and after about 2 or so weeks I started eating more like 200 calories and then none. I will be skinny soon.

I love you all! I won't write much more but I will post more thinspo! 

Think Thin Girlies!!

Oh and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE BLACK SWAN!! It's coming to the indie theater near me and I am so excited!!!!


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  1. So happy you are also happy :) You so deserve it!! Keep burning those cals! :) xx


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