Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes I think my mind plays tricks on me

I bought a scale today. I had been using the one here but I did not feel like it was very accurate so I got one today with 0.2 lb increments. I like being able to know exactly how much I weigh. exactly. this afternoon it said 118.2. i think it will be less in the morning.

i was driving today and i thought i saw a naked man walking down the road. turned out he was wearing khaki carrharts. 

Intake : 657 
Out take : 476
Total : 181

the little app i have on my itouch tells you what weight you will be if everyday were like today and it said in 5 weeks i would be 103. I would love to be 103!

so my sister also "diets" and her bmi is 18.4. Point one under weight. she is super skinny. i think she is also ana but i know she probably wouldn't tell me. i think she knows i was before. i don't know though. lucky her though she is taller than me.

hope everyone is getting super thin!


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