Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quiet Time

So pretty good today!
I am down to 116.6 :-)

Intake : 530
Out Take : 693
Total : -163
This is for now... I may do more exercise.

So I am back at my house. No inlaws or anyone to disturb me. Me and the dog :-)
I will be studying like crazy! And maybe see some of the girls. We will see.

I won't be able to fast because of the studying and when I fast I can't think as well. So I will just eat a little and go running everyday I am here. I will only be here until sunday morning i think.

The Office and 30 Rock and Outsourced on tonight!!

I love 30 Rock!

Stay strong and think thin girlies!! I will try and post a thinspo by the end of the night!!!


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