Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am done with exams!! ABC update

So I am done with exams and I am so relieved. Here is my progress so far in day 3 of the abc.

Day 3 : 300 total

           : 70 calorie yogurt (no cereal this time)
           : apple and slice of 35 calorie toast : 85 
           : chicken and lettuce 50
           : melba toast 50
           : 0.5 ounce cheese 25
           :TOTAL : 280 :-) 

Somehow I wasn't even that tired or hungry!! I hope tomorrow goes well. the first day is always the easiest. I will comment on all of your posts now!!
I am not counting exercise... Thats not part of the plan. But i still am exercising just less.
And I am happy to have 13 followers now! Thank you all!

Tomorrow : 

Day 4 : 400 calorie total.
           : 70 cal yogurt again
           : apple, clementine, slice of toast : 110
           : i am not sure i will eat dinner because i am working :-)
           : i will pack 3 thin slices of low fat ham from the deli and melba toast : 78
           : thats all i can think of for now



  1. are you counting liquids at all? I think I will..

  2. Great job! We're doing pretty darn good. :D


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