Friday, December 10, 2010

New Stats and Measurements

My new stats : 
CW : 115.4 :-) Its down 1.2 from yesterday! crazy! but i sure do love it!! :-)
Since I have been on here, I have lost 4.6 pounds. In the last week I have lost : 2.8 pounds.

Intake : 331
Out Take : 614
Total : -283
I finally kept my intake below 500 and even below 400 yey!!

These are compared to my stats on November 15th.

waist : 23.5 (down half an inch)
bust : 32.5 (up half an inch which is weird)
hips : 31.5 (down a whole inch!)
butt : 34.5 (wow down an inch and a half!!)
thigh : 18.5 (also down an inch!)
wrist : 5.5 (same)
bicep : 9 (weird it went up half an inch)

I like that hips, butt and thighs have lost the most! They are my worst areas as i am sure you can all see. I don't care if my boobs get bigger. Thats fine with me and i am sure my other half is good with it ;-)

Anyway, it is exactly 8 days until the wedding! I would really love to be 111 or 112... We will see what happens. Thats like 3 or 4 pounds in one week. I know it is do able but I don't know if it will happen. I will be hopeful though :-)

Love all of your comments!!
Think Thin
Thinspo coming up!

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  1. I totally think you hit 111! It's such a perfect number, too. All the ones, so thin :) Stay strong, you are doing so well! xoxo


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