Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Been One of Those Weekends...

I really don't want to talk about it so here is the recap:
My other half and I had a fight. He has not forgiven me for things that happened 2 years ago. He says we have drifted apart and do not share hardly anything in common anymore. I am not sure what to do really because I have been trying so hard to keep things good with us. Everytime we are together we get on each other's nerves lately. 
I wrote a letter that states what to do if one day I don't wake up. I will keep it just in case. I haven't had those thoughts in about 2 years... Well maybe a little less than two years. I thought I had gotten past all of that and would be happy forever. Life isn't a fairy tale.
Oh and to top it off... my period started yesterday and I could not stop eating. Ugh. Today will be my first chance to get on a scale in over a week and I am afraid to.

Usually I would write something on the bright side but I don't know what. The wedding is in like 2 weeks and I am not even looking forward to putting on my perfect dress. I will comment on all your posts I have missed or at least read them. 
I need to be on here more so I stay on track better.

Think Thin!!

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  1. Oh my goodness :( You don't deserve any of this. You will sort things out, you are in love, love can conquer all, if you stick at it :) You need a good long talk, both to be calm, go through all the faults and try to figure out a way to correct them, let him know ho much you love him xx


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