Monday, December 13, 2010

How are my ladies?

So I had thought about becoming vegetarian again. That is pretty difficult because if the house I live in currently.
So here is what I am doing instead : the ABC (Ana Boot Camp) diet. I got this idea from Ammie. Check out her blog. She has come soooo far!! Pretty amazing! I think you can click on her name and it should go there...? let me know if it works.
It is a random assortment of calorie intakes for 50 days (0 to 500).
I will put up the calorie intakes by week or something like that. I have also made a page with the whole plan on it.

I have already done days 1 and 2 which are 500 or less each.
Day 3 : 300 total (this is tomorrow)
           : 70 calorie yogurt (no cereal this time)
           : apple and slice of 35 calorie toast : 85
           : a few bites of chicken, salad, and maybe melba toast : 50 + 50
           : and that leaves me 45 calories extra

Day 4 : 400
Day 5 : 100
Day 6 : 200
Day 7 : 400
Day 8 : 300
Day 9 : 500
Day 10 : Fast

I am hoping this goes well. It has to. I need more structure other than just thinking in the back of my head how many calories i have eaten so far. Now i will think : if i eat this i will have this many left.... 

I am going to quickly find some thinspo and get that up then go to sleep.
I have my last exam tomorrow :-)

Think so so so thin!!!

oh and here is a review of the abc plan i found on a website :

I did this diet about 9 months ago and i lost 20kg on it, lead me to hospitalisation but it was the best 50 days of my whole entire life. i highly recommend it, its great i then later a futher 10kg and was re hospitalised down to 39kg i think, i am now in recovery for anorexia, but dam it was worth it... skinny is priceless. the feeling the look everything about what i went through was priceless, the most valuable time i have had in my life say what you will think what you will abc diet is gold. love. xioxo


  1. I think I'm going to do this with you.. well I ate 500 today, so I'll do 500 tomorrow, I'll be a day behind you, but still : ) I'm excited. Good luck!

  2. thank you for all your support. We can always use some kind of support. I hope that we can both finish ABC. I haven't made it past the first few days cause I binge. But I think this time I will have more support which will help a lot.

  3. I've been trying to do the vegetarian thing for a while. It's pretty I'mpossible where I am too though!
    Thank you sooo muh for joining me! It's been so easy just thinking of the people who are supporting me :D


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