Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Bright Side of Thursday

Well yesterday I applied for a job and today I am supposed to call K to follow up. The place opens at 10 so I am thinking I should call at 10:30? I mean she has to have some time... I don't want to be annoying. I am excited though! I miss having a job.

Today is also my last day of class before exams. I have 2 exams. I really do not want to go... but I feel like if I don't go I might miss something important about the exam... So I will go maybe just for the first half though. 

Intake : 
Breakfast : black coffee and a light activia yogurt with cereal : 165
Lunch : Green beans, some chicken, slice cheese, 2 slices low cal toast : 175
Dinner : Low-fat beef stewed in water on a white bun : 233 
Other : some chocolate.... 52

Total : 625

Out take : 704

TOTAL : -79!! :-)

So I got this new app on my itouch : My Fitness Pal. It's pretty cool. It tracks what you eat, what you exercise, your weight and your goals. It's free. It has a ton of foods in there, even by brand name! I think it will really help me because I can get on it anytime... like when i can't get on here. I am sooo motivated today. I know the food was a lot but i made up for it in exercising! I just made made myself workout for an hour and a half to work off those disgusting calories!!

I was looking through my photos and looking back to when I was 107 and 110 and I looked so good and happy. Then I looked at the pictures when I started purging and was more like 115 and 118 and looked god awful. My cheeks were rosy, my face was sort of puffy and I just look like a balloon. Then I look at pictures of me at 120 without any purging... Just eating like a "normal" person. I don't look all weird in the face anymore but I do look fat. Especially my legs. and bones arent visible at all anymore. Looking through these pictures really makes me want to be back there. thin and happy. I need to be there. so I will be there. I will make concrete goals. 

Think thin everyone!!


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  1. Good luck with the job :D I really hope you enjoy it! It's so good that your happier today :) xx


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