Thursday, September 15, 2011

doing alright

Things are going well. I ran 4 miles yesterday and 6 today. I also did ab workouts both days and stayed under 500 cals. 
Still not back to 110 but I am "thinner" whatever that means. My ass went from 34 to 33. My hips went from 31.5 to 30.5 so that is all good. My calfs went from 13.5 to 13. Muscles weigh more and I know that so thats why i am measuring more. makes me feel better.
so today i did good and then i had a piece of cake and strawberries and pineapple. all of the crazy sugar went to my head and i felt awful so i purged it. not so good. i got it all up which was good but it ended up coming out of my mouth and nose. not so pleasant. it just really wanted out i guess. sorry for the details. 
after that i went for a walk in the rain with the dog and then watched some tv... well hulu. i dont have cable. 
my post sounds sort of depressing to me but i really am happy. i have had a great past two days. spent most of yesterday with my sister and it was a blast. 
she is jealous of how "skinny" and "muscly" i am. her words. 
i am getting more "skinny" "thin" comments lately which makes me feel good but then i look at me in the mirror and i surely dont see it yet. i will soon though. hopefully. 
I am reading your blogs. i just dont have time to comment. i should have time on saturday or sunday. i love you all!! i will be skinny soon. we all will be.


  1. I take measurements too, I think it gives you a more accurate idea of what you're losing. Well done on losing some inches!


  2. Good luck :) i like measuring to its reassuring that your actually losing


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