Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just do it

So some of you read my last post. I deleted it. I don't know why I felt so bad but I feel much better now after working out. I will update my intake for the day in a little bit but i need to take the dog for a walk here shortly. 
I have not lost weight. all of this exercising is making me stay the same but look skinnier... my measurements are going down ever so slightly but i weigh the same. blah. stupid muscles. 
exercising just makes me "feel" so much better. like i have more energy even if the scale says otherwise.
sorry for that rambling. 
i went to the grocery store just now... at 8:30 ish. I was hoping to avoid all people that look at me weird looking at all the labels before i buy. only buying healthy food. this random guy comes up to me while i am contemplating getting the diet swiss miss that Jane Pansy had mentioned the other day. He goes "you are too skinny" "much too skinny to be worrying about diet" and he just went on and on until i put the diet swiss miss down. it was so awkward. i didn't even know the guy. he was probably in his 40s i think. so awkward and i probably went red as a tomato.

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  1. What a douche bag! HELLOOOO! Dude, do we randomly walk up to you whilst grocery shopping and say, "Man, you are wayy too fat! Way to fat! Put that box of twinkies down!" Wow, I hate him for you. You didn't even get your diet swiss miss!
    Your doing awesome! Shop the way you want girl! Stay Strong<3


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