Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a spoonful of sugar... :-)

It was wonderfully chilly this morning taking my dog for a walk. I love it! It is a scarf day :-) I may post pics of my outfit later on... 

Fridays are always very busy for me. I have work then school then i am going to trader joes with my sister then i have to go do some research for an anthropology project and then go to my brother's football game. i love the how busy i am but iam looking forward to tomorrow for a little relaxation time. 
i have been running, doing the elliptical and doing ab workouts everyday. I will usually run in the morning, elliptical in the afternoon and then ab workout in the evening. Today I just walked the dog because I have work and so not enough time to run and shower. But that is ok since I will be super busy. 
All the exercise has made me happier and more motivated. And I am never hungry after I exercise. It usually takes an hour before I get hungry after. 
Sometimes I wonder what everyone on here is like in the real world. So I think I am going to have a random question of the day and hopefully you will all answer and we can know each other better :-)

Random Question of The Day:
What is your favorite movie and why?

Mine is Mary Poppins. I just love it all. I used to watch it over and over and over when I was a kid and I never got sick of it. I just love it even more now!
I have a tie though for favorite movie. The other one is Stay. It has Ryan Gosling and Ewan Mcgreggor and Naomi Watts. It is about this crazy kid, Ryan Gosling. You should all watch it. It is sort of a psychological thriller type of movie and every time i watch it i notice something new. It is amazing!!!!



  1. Yay! I like your question idea! It will bring us all closer together and that makes me happy bc we are like a family all its own and families need to bond to stay close:)

    My favorite movie is Spy Kids. And I'm not sure why. I think it's just the cutest little movie. Shitoki Mushrooms!

  2. Spy Kids!! REPRESENT!! Mine is 8 Mile starring Eminem a.k.a MBM the third <3 Great Thinspo!!


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