Saturday, September 17, 2011

I did not step on the scale today. I am trying to get on it less. I have been getting on it everytime i go to the bathroom and it is just not helping. I do not think I gained but I am just trying to maybe get on every other day. People keep saying that it is actually motivating and better not to get on it all the time. I am going to give it a go.

So it is finally raining and cold :-) I love this weather. I wore cute little black heels, gray jeans, a gray top, an antique gold watch and necklace, and my gray, white and black scarf from Paris :-)
I got so many compliments saying how cute I was! 
My busy day was great.

I do not have much time but here is today's question:
What was your favorite Halloween costume?

When I was in elementary school my mom made me this gorgeous genie costume like in I Dream of Jeannie and I just loved it. We got to wear our costumes to school that year and we had a costume parade and it was so much fun!


  1. I love this weather too! I don't know why, I just do.

    Favorite Costume:

    Oh! In the first grade, we also wore them to school. We all took our turns changing in the bathroom and then the class sat together in a group. I was a princess, my mom got me this great dress, white and gorgeous! So, I came out of the bathroom all dressed up, and the cutest boy in class (who was the Red Ranger off of Power Rangers) said with the biggest eyes, "Wow, Jane, you look BEEAUUUUTIFUULLL!" That is my best Halloween Costume memory:)

  2. cold weather is the best. and scarves are amazing.

  3. Weighing every other day would probably be a good idea. Some people find it more motivating to weigh in less often, others do better everyday. Everyone is different. But if you are weighing in multiple times a day, you should probably cut down so you don't get too obsessed with it.
    Your outfit sounds really cute!

  4. I love cold weather too. We had sun and heavy rain most of today which was lovely apart form the fact it was boiling!

    Weighing less often is always a good thing. I'm attempting to do the same with a weekend break from the scales. I do aim to only do it once a day though. xo

  5. I love autumn. Halloween is my favorite holiday, my favorite costume was Catwoman, the Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns Catwoman, not the slutty Halle Berry Catwoman. I made it myself, it took forever but it was soooo worth it. Be well, dear.

  6. Halloween for my family is a huge deal! I remember a few years back I was a marionette i had the strings tied to my arms and the wood above my head I had this adorable tutu and thigh highs, and my mom did my make up like a real doll. My parents that year looked really great too. one of them was sick and the other was tired. together they were sick and tired. It was so cute and they really looked the part (:


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