Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A leave of absence...

Sorry I have not been on here much lately. I have had an odd past few days. Both good and bad. Bad news always first right? Well... I gained. I shot back up to an awful weight and I am working on getting back. Good news is that it really was a reality check and I feel refreshed and great. I was down 1.6 pounds today from yesterday so that is good. And today was a good day too. 
I am being very organized and planning my days out completely! From when I get up at 6am to when I go to sleep at 10 or 11. I also have been packing a lunch to take to school instead of just not eating. Funny thing is... when I packed the lunch I wasn't even hungry or tempted to eat it... So my intakes have been below 500 and my exercise has been at least -600. I will not be posting my weight until it is below 110 and I will probably not be on here too much until then either. 
School is crazy busy these days and I was starting to go crazy. It is getting better now but still overwhelming. 
I am still reading your blogs and commenting on some.
The sooner I can lose this weight the sooner I will be back here. But not as much as before probably. Maybe one post a day or every other day... Thinspo once a week. 
It is all about doing what is best for yourself sometimes. Sometimes you need to just take some time and step back and then you can get back on your way.
Stay strong and positive girls!!!
I love you all! I am sorry if I do not comment but just know i am reading and supporting you all!!


  1. I feel the exact same way as you do in this post, but I'm sure we will all get back there sooner or later.

  2. I know what you mean about school, it can get so overwhelming so quickly. The last few days have been hectic for me.

    I hope the structure works out for you :)
    Keep up the good work,

  3. i understand school can get really overwhelming ,Good luck <3


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