Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just a quickie

Well... I did not gain so that is good. I ate like 800 calories and only worked off about 500 of that. It may sound fine but it was all crappy food mostly. like pizza and cake and stuff. so pretty fatty. but i stayed the same so that is good. 
I will post more later... and maybe some thinspo too. i am getting a massage and facial today. it was a gift for my bridal shower that i just never had time for until now. 
I'm watching last night's jay leno right now. so funny :-D


  1. I hate it when my calories consist of crappy foods. I feel much more groggy and blah when I eat junk.
    Enjoy the facial and massage. x

  2. A net intake of 300 isn't that bad. It will get better :)

    Enjoy your massage and facial,

  3. Mmm! I'm jealous of your massage and facial!


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