Monday, September 5, 2011

I made it 24 hours...

I guess it is better than nothing... Maybe next time i will make it more than 24 hours. At 4pm I was feeling really weird and light headed and awful and so I drank a big glass of water and told my self to stick it out for 30 more minutes to make at least 24 hours. I still felt like really bad so I ate. I hate some strawberries and still felt bad 30 minutes after that. I wanted something sugary and sweet. So I had a cookie! Awful! But I did feel better. I waited an hour. Started feeling bad again... So I had a protein shake and then went to the gym. 
The total calories for the day are: 470
My calories expenditure: -680
Net: -270

I won't fast tomorrow... I just won't eat so much. I feel better now. 
I am glad I went to the gym. I need to exercise more. I am doing a 5k at the end of October and I want to run the whole time. I do not want to be the last one to the finish line. It is a charity run so it is for a good cause :-) It's for down syndrome. 

Stay Stronger than me girls!!

Lots of Love!


  1. Hey hun thanks for your concern. I'm okay, i'm just looking a mess right now.

    Don't feel bad about 24 hours. I find an orange or a little juice or coconut water is really good when I feel light headed. Good luck in the 5k!! It is definitely better to eat if you're exercising.

  2. That's happened to me before. I usually fast long term for at least three days, mostly five day fasts (which are not healthy and I don't recommend). But, sometimes when I'm feeling crappy or light headed and exhausted I'll eat a table spoon of peanut butter for 80 calories. I feel much, much better after that and I usually don't need it that much. When you're starting out (first 24 hours) it's the hardest. I do wish you luck. Stay safe. Be cautious. Oh, and good luck on that 5k!

  3. The most I can fast for is about 24 hours, otherwise I get extremely sick. We're talking passing out every time I get up, migraines and constant nausea. I can't even do juice fasts. Its terrible. 24 hours is good though, you should be proud. Most people can't stand the idea of fasting. You'll do better next time :)



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