Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Morning my lovely ladies!!

Today is day two of the TSS diet for me. Calories: stay under 500. 
I am so ready for fall. And I just keep saying that... I just looked at the 10-day forecast... still no highs under 82 :-(
But I will not let that get me down! I am wearing some cute shorts from Miss Selfridge that I got like years ago and they are actually loose on me. Score! My top is pretty cute too. It is a light pink with some lace on top. little brown flats. i need to get a jacket or something that matches brown stuff... oh and brown tights too. this outfit would be adorable with brown tights! 
time seems to be going slow right now for some reason. i am not sure if that is good or bad. i slept pretty good last night. and i let myself sleep in 30 minutes later. my sleep patterns are slowly getting better. the dreams are coming back though which means i am eating way too much. i only get the dreams when i eat. 
i started writing a book last time my hubby was deployed. it's pretty trippy. its like a story that tries to connect the crazy dreams i have. the oddest one: i dreamt that the skin on my foot was falling off and i had to try and keep it on. it was so creepy. 
on a different note... i am becoming addicted to coffee. 


  1. Glad your having a good morning dear. Me too! Thanks for the Thinspo, I needed that reminder of what I really want to look like. Yesterday was....iffy. Today is a new day. I lovveveee fall! Your outfit sounds uber cute!
    Stay Strong<3

  2. Good luck today lol I' getting addicted to coffee to,thanks for joining me =D

  3. Good luck today! I hope it's a good day for you. Your outfit sounds cute. Coffee is amazing... And I keep having odd dreams that involve work. I wish I could quit dreaming... Or at least quit dreaming about work.

  4. What dress size are you??

  5. I couldn't tell a friend about the ED. A professional and that is a little easier because, well I don't know why, but I couldn't imagine telling people I know.

    Your outfit sounds similar to what I wore today lol. That is such a creepy dream. I do like the idea of writing about dreams though. Mine would be pretty strange.

  6. Coffee, smokes, and cold diet cokes thats what perfect girls are made of!


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