Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So I am getting my hair cut in a couple hours!

I am pretty excited and nervous at the same time!! I haven't had a hair cut since January! Crazy. but they are just too expensive... I am getting my bangs (fringe) put back in! I will maybe post pics if it looks good enough. Sort of like this:
Except my hair is longer... Like I don't want them too thick or too short or too long. 

I just ate half a peach and I am covered in peach juice haha but it was delicious!! 



  1. Getting a fringe is more stressful than the haircut in general! It's the one part of an haircut I do not look forward to because they rarely get it perfect. x

  2. I'm sure it will look great!! The woman I go to is good, but she never does my bangs/fringe right! I always have to fix them myself when I get home. It's like she's too afraid to cut them too short by accident or something.

  3. mmmmpeaches:)

    I love that haircut! I used to have it, until I cut my hair off to change hair color that wouldn't come off.
    It will look great!



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