Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You are all so lovely!!

Firstly... I cannot believe I have 56 followers!! that is truly amazing and astounding! I apologize if I have not followed you back but every time you comment I go read your blog :-) It is hard to keep up with so many blogs! I do my best with the time I have.
 Now... On to the rest of my post for today. You are really all very lovely and I am very grateful with all of your comments on my last post!! They made my day today absolutely wonderfully happy! 

I have gone into crazy exercise mode yesterday and today... I have been exercising so that every calorie I consume, I must burn it back off. I ate more than I wanted to today. But I have worked it all off. So I do not know what the scale will say tomorrow. Also... I think I have grown half an inch. weird right? To grow at 21... almost 22. But yes. I am 5'5.5'' 
I can run for two straight miles now. And I probably could have gone more if my dog wasn't worn out. 5k is like 3 miles right? 
Sorry for the short post... Not a whole lot to say but here is some thinspo!! :-D



  1. You always put up such great thinspo! :)

  2. Can I ask how much you have lost so far on the ABC? I start tomorrow because I need the structure, I would just love some reassurance that it works ya know? You and I are about the same height too so I would love to get back on track.


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