Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ate a burger

The numbers:
Breakfast: cereal and soy milk : 150
Lunch: burger with goat cheese : 400! how awful! I really don't know how much it was... but i ate it no bun and no fries.... but so awful!
Dinner: tba but hopefully nothing!
Exercise: 607
Total:  -57

I can't believe I ate the whole fucking burger! seriously? My stomach is feeling terrible right now!! So much fat and so much beef. I feel sick. Unfortunately I waited to long to throw it up... I might try though. Ugh! 
I will post more when I feel better.

Hope you all are doing better than me today!!

ok i managed to purge some but had to stop because i was coughing up blood.
about to drink some laxative tea. i just want this out of me.
don't have enough time to go to the gym again before i go tutor this kid. 
and my family is having Galette de Roi tonight.... I can't refuse because it is a big family tradition and last year we missed it. 
I will just eat a tiny piece hopefully and then rush home and purge if i can. i don't know. i dont want to cough up blood again. stupid cold weather making my throat dry.
well i need to prepare for tutoring....

please be better than me!


  1. Lots of water to flush out the salts. Hot shower. It'll be ok, I know how you are feeling. I just wrote about my rendezvous with temptation two nights ago.

    Don't let it stress you out. You've done everything you can to get rid of it. Worry wont make you feel better. Love ya girlie, be strong <3

    Ps whats a galette de roi?


  2. drink alot of water don't throw up anymore you might hurt your throat more.Don't worry everything will work out.
    Feel better <3


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