Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wine and popcorn

I am still 121.2 even after all the crazy exercising yesterday. The culprit? Wine and popcorn. Everything was great until I went out to the wine bar with a couple girl friends and had some delicious wine. We didnt have food there which was good but wine has calories. Then I got home and for some odd reason I was craving popcorn so I had a bad of 94% fat free 100 calorie pack. which would be fine. Then I had another bag. Gosh I couldn't believe it when I woke up. Stupid me. 
At least I didn't gain I suppose. 
Today will be better. 
Work 9-1
Go pick up my books for the semester
Go to the gym for a long time!
Take care of the dog
No partying tonight. I can't afford it. I want to be 120 on monday when school starts if i can.

How did you all do? I don't have time to comment right now but I will later this afternoon. My late afternoon evening is all free. (sad on a saturday but its my choice.... there are parties next week i cant miss so this one will be fine)

maybe thinspo later today too... we will see. I have reading to do for french when i get my books.
love you alllll!!!!!!!!

stay string and think thin!!!!


  1. Dont be so hard on yourself and really you got to be turning some of that fat into some amazing muscle as much as you have been to the gym. Maybe try not to focus on the numbers of the scale so much and take you measurements. IDK I just think you are working out so much that yes it is doin good just not the way you want to see it. Have fun at the gym!!

  2. Popcorn has salt causing you to hold onto water weight which is most likely what screwed up your weigh in chances are youll have a pretty considerable loss next time. You are so inspiring you workout so much! I love to run and swim but other than that I don't spend near enough time there.

  3. Let this one go, because you had a nice time with your friends :) i agree with the above, concentrate more on measurements rather than the numbers, because muscle weighs more than fat, so if your going to the gym, the numbers are bound to look bigger, but it's not fat :) xx

  4. Maintenance is better than gain... And if you ate late and something salty it's probably food still in your tummy and water retention! Chin up gorgeous :)

  5. As long as you haven't gained then it's good. And with the gym you are building up muscle. That weighs more than fat!

    Stay strong <3

  6. At least you didn't gain, that's always nice :) It's probably just water weight, and since you're going to the gym I'm sure you'll see a drop. Stay strong, beautiful! <3


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