Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Skinny

I want to be so skinny that my legs look like they will break when I walk. 

So yesterday I was 122... gross. Today I am back to 121.4 despite the awful burger I ate. I guess the exercise paid off.

The numbers:
Breakfast: cereal with soy milk : 170
Lunch: tba but probably none. maybe a fiber one
Dinner: tba but probably soup
Exercise: none yet but I will go to the gym this evening after work

I wish I knew how much of me was fat and how much muscle...
The gap between my legs is coming back which means I must be turning my fat into muscle otherwise I would weigh less

I am contemplating showering... Do you ever just not want to get in the shower? I hate the cold feeling afterwards. Plus if I go to the gym this evening I will shower after that.
I work 12-4. Then I need to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck and some christmas checks.
Gym will be after I get home and take care of the dog. If I play it right, I can skip both lunch and dinner. Just eat a fiber one bar if i feel weak before the gym.

So this is the only way I know how to lose weight. Nothing else works. From october to december I tried to lose weight healthily but somehow that made me 126 on boxing day. 

I think I am going to do some ab workout stuff and then read. I only have until monday before school starts.... I will read blogs first.
And I think I will try and do something special when I get 100 followers... I don't know what but if you have any ideas let me know. 
I want to post progress pics when I get to 118. Then 115. Then 112 and then 109. 
Love you all!!


  1. I completely understand the shower thing. I hate the shivers it gives me afterwards, and then when you plan to go to the gym you a have to shower again and then your cold again.
    Hmm for 100 followers maybe you could do a bio like people typically do when they first start their blog so that way all your new followers know a little bit of background information?
    I don't know sorry if that's lame.

  2. Keep it up, sweetheart. You're doing brilliantly <3

  3. Good job keep working out <3
    your blog always motivates me
    Lucky you have a gap between the legs i just have fat :(

  4. I'm coming with ya girl!! No where to go but down.

    I know how you feel... I did so well the whole holiday.. Even lost a little bit. Then boxing day came and it all went to crap. So here I am.. Square one. It'll be ok. We will get there again.

    Keep it up love.

  5. Actually laughed aloud at the shower part. I hate being so cold afterwards, nasty!
    You're doing so well btw! Love reading your blog, feels so relatable! I'm sure there'll be some way you can find out if its more muscle :-)
    Stay strong girly!

  6. I hate the cold part too :( This wont be forever, don't give up :( xx


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