Sunday, January 8, 2012

Morning morning!

Weigh - in: still 121.4! Oh well. I didn't go to the gym yesterday because I was just too busy and couldn't find enough time. So staying 121.4 is actually good. 
My in-laws puppy is soooo cute!!!!! 
I decided yesterday that I needed to give my muscles a little break. 
Back to the gym today though!

The Numbers:
Breakfast: cereal and soy milk : 170
Lunch: maybe a chicken salad : 120
Dinner: could be none... maybe a beer? 150?
Exercise: -770
Potential total: -330

I am going to my first school game today! crazy... i am a senior and haven't made it to one! And we have a good team supposedly... the real reason im going? My cousin plays on the other team! It will be so fun though! I'm looking forward to it! 

Thank you ladies for all of your comments on the last post!! I don't have time now but this afternoon before the game I should be able to read and comment your blogs! 

Ok I need to go drink a huge glass of water!!! My head is getting loopy.

Love you all!!!


  1. I wish I was near the 120's!! Considering we are the same height it actually disgusts me that I am 20lbs heavier than you :( I must look really grotesque!!!
    I have a throat infection at the minute :( so I'm really heavy on the water intake!! And antibiotics of course!
    I'd join the gym again if I had enough money :( saving sucks!!! And workout DVDs are a no no cuz my Dad hogs the lounge and won't let me do one alone! I can't wait to move out, hopefully I'll pick up my old hobbies again!!

  2. At least you haven't gained at all, 121 is good :D I agree with giving your muscles a little break, you don't want to over do things :) I don't go to the gym, it's too expensive so i just do exercises at home :) It's still working though :D Yay for muscles! xx


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