Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shaky shaky

The numbers: 
Calorie Intake: 520
Exercise: -650
Total : -130

Somehow I still feel awfully fat? Why are people at the gym always so much skinnier than me? I swear all the girls there were just twigs! 
I'm sipping on laxative tea as I write this hoping it might make me feel better?
I think I want to cut out salt from my diet. Like completely. Is that possible? I hear that salt can make you puffier than you are.

I got a compliment today saying my butt looked smaller. I measured. Smaller by half an inch.

I feel like with a net calorie thing of -130 I should feel good. I should feel thinner. But I just have this feeling that it's not enough you know? Like I will wake up tomorrow and somehow I will weigh more. Which is entirely possible I suppose. I have no idea how my body functions really. Like I understand mathematically but in reality it's not the same.

Only about 4 weeks left until the hubby comes home. If I can lose 10 pounds I can be 111.4 when he gets back. 
10 pounds in four weeks. That is 2.5 pounds a week. I know it is possible. I really want to do it. And if I am still muscly then 111.4 would look like less than it is. 
I think if I keep working out like I am and eating a little less that I can make it. At 112 I will be underweight technically. I feel like my frame is small enough that it would really be less. Who knows.

Odd post sorry followers... I seem to just right exactly what I am thinking. I often ramble.
Miranda Kerr VS Model : Skinny and Boobs!

Love you all!!!


  1. Love Miranda Kerr, one of my favorites

  2. When I step on the scale and it stays the same or goes down a pound, I'm still disappointed. I feel like I could've done better and I deserved better results.

    2.5 in a week? You can for sure do it!

  3. Miranda <3 my fave model
    Good luck i know you will lose the weight :)

  4. I wish i had that body!! I hate having small boobs!! :( You'll be able to lose that weight, just stay motivated :D xx


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