Friday, January 6, 2012

Good Start to a long day

Weigh in: 121.2 which is .2 less than yesterday. A loss is a loss right?

The numbers: 
Breakfast: cereal with soy milk : 170
Lunch: tba : probably a fiber one bar
Dinner: no idea, hopefully light
Exercise: -725!!!
Total so far: -555

I spent about an hour at the gym working out as hard as I could so I can enjoy the rest of my long day :-)
I am going to tidy up the apartment before work and get it looking better than it does now...
Then I work 12-6
Got to take the dog to the dog park since I will be gone so long... Not sure what I am doing tonight though. i really want to see that movie the girl with the dragon tattoo! I am reading the second book in the series now and it is hard to put down! it keeps me going at the gym without thinking about it.
this semester all of my friends have different schedules... none of us have the same days off. it sucks. but the hubby will be home soon! i know i keep saying that... i am just so excited!!
so for the 100 followers i will do the bio thing as Ell suggested and i think i will put it on a separate page on this blog. 

Not much else to say today... 

Love you all!!! Have a spectacular day!!!


  1. Congrats on the loss keep it up :)
    <3 Stay strong,Stay skinny <3

  2. Keep going doll face. You're on your way.


  3. Be happy about that loss, your working so hard!! Be proud of yourself :D xx


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