Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make up

Thank you ascendancy and skinntobsession9 for the advice :-)
I will drink some more water. I couldn't just stay put though... I ended up going back to the gym tonight for another hour. 
Total exercise: -1107
Total Intake: somewhere around 785
Total: -322

Even after all that working out i kinda still feel icky. i am ready for tomorrow!!! It is time for sleep now. Please be nice to me in the morning scale... 
Going to watch an episode of gossip girl before i doze off.
I will catch up on your blogs tomorrow morning when I hopefully feel less of a fatty. stupid burger... 

P.S. - got to stop purging... 


  1. Not purging is hard but it makes you retain water so i try to tell myself it's not worth it. Your net cal,intake was great!

  2. Awesome thinspo. Makes me wanna get my butt to the gym

  3. WOW your strength at the gym and towards work outs is amazing!! Sometimes I hate that I have to work and be a mom and be a wife all I really want to do is just go to a gym and work my ass off!! keep it up girl nice job.


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