Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Organized!

I always feel better when I am organized. I sleep better even with less sleep. My head is clearer. I am more focused. 
I only had 5 hours of sleep last night but i feel incredibly rested and i think its because i spent all night organizing and getting stuff done. 

i don't remember any dreams either. which is a blessing sometimes.

today's weight: 120.8! (which i am happy about because i made it below 121)

I really want to be 118 when the hubby comes home. It is do able. So since sunday i lost 3.6 pounds. If I lose another 3.6 I would be 117.2... wouldn't that be nice :-)

My intakes have been under 1000 each day. No heavy exercise. Just walking and crunches.

I have a lot to do this weekend to get ready for his homecoming! Last weekend before he is here! It is hard to believe sometimes!!

Ok well I have to go to class now... linear algebra... i hate matrices! and professors with heavy accents!!

love you all!!!!
i hope and plan to read and comment you girlies tonight!



  1. I am glad your hubby is coming home that must be so exciting!! Congrats on being 120 I would die really I want to see 139 and no matter how hard i try I can never get there gggrrr good luck in class I guess that is one good thing about on-line classes it doesnt make how the teach talks cause all i have to do is read it lol

  2. awesome on 120.8lb! soo exciting. I know you will reach 118 soon! keep it up. :D

  3. Hey!!! Thank you for your sweet comment! I bet you're getting anxious about the husband coming back! He's gonna see you beautiful! I wish I was in 118 myself. :)
    I'll do it! keep it up. xoxo

  4. congrats on weight loss !! keep it up


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