Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Evening lovelies!

Another day down.
Still 121. Yesterday was 121.8. today is 121.2.
Let's hope for 120 tomorrow!!!

I wish I could just make the time go faster! Time is really a frustrating constraint... 

At least the weather is being nice. Sunny and in the 60s. Quite lovely. 

I really should be doing my french homework... i have to write about my family. shouldn't be too hard. just got to actually make myself do it... i will probably do it tomorrow morning. 

wish i had the motivation and will power to eat less but gosh i just dont. 
Breakfast: banana : 70
Snack: granola bar: 110
Lunch: protein shake: 160
Snack: apple and crackers: 180
Dinner: pork chop, salad and potatoes: 260
TOTAL: 780
Walked around campus all day in heels... And sat through lectures. Oh and toured this charter school for one of my classes.... weird. interesting but weird. felt like the kids were all part of some experiment. 

guess its not much of a positive post but i am just too tired. and i am trying to make the time go by.... writing helps.
last night's dream: i was living in france and it flooded so i had to rescue everyone from the human eating crocodiles before the ryan gosling movie started at the movie theater. quite strange... but any dream with ryan gosling is a good one!

happy days are around the corner!!!
thinspo searching now!!
love you all

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