Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stupid, Stupid

Did not step on the scale today. Had a little binge yesterday... well not like a real binge... I ate normal and so that made me mad and so i took my laxative tea and then another cup. I was up all night with it so I am exhausted today. Good thing classes don't start till 1:30 today. 
Anyway... so I am too tired to work out at the gym. I am working on cleaning the house instead and taking the dog for a few short walks this morning. I did burn a lot of calories at the gym (over 700) but with the calories I ate (probably like 2000... I really don't know and counting it will just get me down....) its no where near enough to lose today so hopefully today will be better.

So school starts at 1:30 and then I volunteer from 4:20 until 6. My sisters are coming over for dinner tonight. I am making this thin crust pizza I think... It's like a healthy kind of pizza but tastes great. So that's around 7 or 7:30...

It will be a good day and I am determined! I will half of the serving size of the pizza (1/3 of the pizza is 300 calories... so If I eat a 1/6 size slice then thats just 150 :-) Then add a salad... It will be a good dinner.

Sorry today is not all motivating and cheerful... I think the house not being clean was stressing me out and so once its clean everything should be better :-)

Love you all!!!!


  1. A slice of pizza and salad is a perfectly healthy meal :)

    It's okay to mess up sometimes, it's how you go about fixing it that matters!

    Keep up the good work lovely! :)

  2. Today I have only had half an energy drink and a salad, my favorite thing now with my salad is to add raisins, pieces of deli turkey and deli cheese, and either fat free Italian Wishbone dressing or light raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

    I have been eating too much fiber left and right... I bought FiberOne bars and extra fiber sandwich bread so I've been frequenting the bathroom and not feeling very well either.

    But it's helping me not want to eat much since my stomach hurts. I think the only housework I can get the energy to do is dishes because I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.

    Oh well, every bit of effort we put into our weightloss will see results! Sometimes we are losing but so slowly that it doesn't seem like it so don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake once or twice a month.

    Just keep your goal in mind throughout the day and you will slowly see it happen!

    Stay strong <3

  3. At least you only had a little binge not a big one :) And a pizza with salad sounds good :) With all the exercise your doing, i'm sure you will lose :) xx

  4. Agreed!! That binge should be easy to work off


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