Monday, January 30, 2012

Good morning miss motivation!

Lately it has been tough keeping motivation more than a day or two! let's keep it going!
Weigh-in this morning: 121 even. 
I am continuing the weigh-in game sort of... i have school here soon... got to leave in like 10 minutes. so i will weigh-in when i get home and then every few hours. I am still super motivated and determined!!!
i have made a big pot of coffee for the morning at school and i will bring a protein shake for lunch (160) and an apple for breakfast (60). But those are only if I start shaking or something. I am truly not hungry... well the stomach says i am but my brain says no.
6 days!!!! ahhhh!!! It is just so freaking exciting!!!!
If I lose a pound a day: I will be 116. Pretty nice. I was 118 when he left... 
ok ladies! enough rambling!
Let's have a super wonderful spectacular motivating day!!!!


  1. Your so motivated keep it up lovely! He is going to just melt when he sees you!

  2. I love this weigh in game idea. I must play!!!!

  3. I love your weight losing game :D Seems to be working for you! Keep it up :D Your hubby is going to think your the sexiest thing on the planet ;)


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