Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stuck in a rut or what?

I am still 114.4. Yesterda wasn't so bad so I don't know why I am still the same. I think I may be exercising so much and getting more muscles? and they weigh more... It's hard though, when i start exercising I get addicted to it and just have to keep exercising. I'm sure you girls know what I mean. I have lost my measuring tape for the time being so I can't check to see if maybe I've lost and inches with these muscles. Bleh. I just have to keep going. Here's some random thinspo...

I have to get working on some school stuff so I have to go... just wanted to post real quick and I will comment when I take a little break.

Love you girlies!!!!



  1. your bmi is to die for soooo jealous! all i want is it to be in the teens i fucking hate looking at my bmi worse than my weight. btw i didnt get the chance to comment on your last post what kind of tattoo do you want to get?

  2. I just wanted to tell you thanks for always posting thinspo. I really cant figure out the pic thing here it took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to post 3 pics of myself last week. keep up the good work and thanks again for the thinspo!!

  3. Your thinspiration is very strong and beautiful.

    -Stay strong


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