Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still 118? Really?

Yesterday I was negative calories and somehow I have only stayed the same weight. i hate it when that happens! I must have drunk too  much water or consumed too much salt? I hardly ate so I am not sure about the salt. But I kept getting hunger pangs so I kept drinking water. Anyway I kept repeatedly getting on the scale. Like 7 times in a row and 118 every time. ugh i hate that scale... so today i have to be more extreme i suppose. yesterday i went to my favorite grocery store: aldi. they always have tons of fresh produce and it is always cheap! i got tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and just a bunch of fruits and veggies and then i got this fiber cereal like fiber one but like less than half the price. i am actually surprised it isn't so bad. 
Calorie Intake: (so far) fiber cereal : 45
                                        turkey bacon : 70 
                                        and COFFEE of course!!
I know it is a lot for breakfast but I have to work from 9 ish to 2:30. And i am on my feet doing stuff the whole time. I have to be positive and happy there so i can get good tips :-) but i never eat while i am there so thats good so i ma be able to skip out on lunch completely. i usually do for this shift.

I totally should be living in the 60s :-)

Stay Strong and Positive Girlies!!

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  1. Same here. My weight seems to like getting stuck lately probably because of too much/too little liquids and too much salt.
    It's so frustrating to see the same number each day.


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