Friday, August 26, 2011

I drive a Prius.

Yes. I drive a Prius. What about you all? 

My busy day is going well:
Intake so far:
Oatmeal: 110
Fiber one: 90
Total: 200.

I got my errands done and got some more red bull. School is done but I have a quick assignment I need to submit by midnight. Work was good. I got off early. Yay. 

I have been sipping on coffee all day. I know it is not good for me but I needed something. I did not sleep well last night. I think I maybe got 3 hours of sleep? I kept waking up and then finally just got up at 5:30. Oh well. 

Dinner is at 6. Caesar salad and I found out just a bit ago that pasta with marinara will be there too. I think I will try to eat the salad really slow so that when I go to get my pasta people will be almost done so i can just take a little.

i am about to open up a sugar free red bull. yummy!! that will make me less hungry too. I should come up with an excuse for not eating a lot... so i am prepared before hand... let's see. i had a late lunch of edamame and a quessadilla. i think that sounds good. let's say i had it at 3pm. 

the hurricane is getting closer. i hope it doesn't hit too bad here. luckily I'm not on the coast. but i know a lot of people who are... i will be praying for them!! 

Stay strong girlies!! We will be someone's thinspo someday!!

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  1. I wish I could drive to have a car haha. A Prius looks pretty though.

    Finding excuses as to why you are not eating a lot is annoying. We should just be able to eat what we want without people making comments.


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