Saturday, August 27, 2011

5 days until September

I only got like 4 hours asleep again last night if that... Somehow I am still awake and not too tired. The game and party were good last night. They lost but my brother played great! Since I wasn't staying over last night I didn't drink much. Just some hard cider :-) I left around 1 am ish. And then woke up at 5:30. I had breakfast: fiber cereal and a smoothie. Then I went to work and brought my s.f. red bull. unfortunately i caved and had some ice cream... like 100 grams. But I have not eaten since then. I am going to have a big veggie salad for dinner with a little bit of tuna. Then I am going to watch some Wilfred and then fall asleep. 
I have been running errands all afternoon and so I think I am going to have to crash here shortly. But I need to finish my laundry first. Well maybe get half of it done... haha I get so lazy when it comes to laundry. I just wait and wait and wait until I run out of underwear or something. haha oh well.

I gained a little from yesterday but I am not too worried. I weighed again after work and it was down so today is a weird weight day. We will see what it says in the am. I need sleep. I always lose more when I get a good night sleep.

I need to go switch loads in the washer but I will be back to read and comment your blogs!!

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