Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gorgeous day. Why am I inside?

It is beautiful outside but I am inside watching television and blogging about it. I do not have cable at my house and I am dog sitting today and tomorrow so yes I have given in to watching stupid television. I do love my tv shows but for some reason cable just irks me. stupid commercials trying to get you to buy stuff and tempt you with food. but i am stronger than that. i can resist. oh but it is so hard sometimes and i haven't eaten any "real" food in like 4 days now. just fruits, veggies, activia light yogurt and red bull. i think today has been the hardest day yet. 
and i am right now being tempted to break my 10 day and have some split pea and ham soup. bleh. i don't need it. it's not very high cal but it is just principle. maybe i could have some just veggie soup instead and that would be ok... let's compare labels::

Split Pea (my favorite)                                              Tomato Soup (ugh)
calories: 140                                                               calories: 90
fat: 1 gram                                                                 fat: none
sodium: 690 mg                                                         sodium: 710
carbs: 24! yikes                                                         carbs: 20! yikes
fiber: 4 grams                                                            fiber: 1 gram
sugar: 3 grams                                                           sugar: 12 grams!! yikes
protein: 9 grams                                                       protein: 2 grams

actually... despite the extra calories... i think the split pea seems better. i didn't know how much sodium and sugar were in tomato soup! thats crazy. i still dont want to break the diet. argh i dont know what to do. i know i will have to break it next weekend because i have company coming over for 3 days. i will still keep my calories below 500 but i will have to eat sometimes. 
oh and i forgot to bring my scale... the one that is here is one of those old ones where it doesn't show you your exact weight but simply points to a line... 

so i am going to try procrastinate as much as possible until this crazy temptation leaves my body!!

needing help right now.


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  1. Okay Girl...first of all...YOU CAN DO IT! I hate cable. It is evil. But I loooovvveeee movies and shows on dvd. So, I could sit in front of the tv all day but NOT cable. And, split pea soup is sooo good. The label you put up didn't seem soo bad. I did give in to two cups of watered down chicken noodle the other day. I hate those dumb scales that just point. The lines are sooo tiny you can't even tell wheree it's at. Every time I go over my father in laws I step on the scale in the bathroom out of habit or whatever, urge, but its one of those. BTW, I, oneday, hope to have ribs showing like that. Grr.
    Stay Strong<3 I know it's in you!


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