Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I had 205 calories yesterday and then about 60 calories of carrots. So that comes to 265 calories and somehow I gained today? The scale said 112. How is that possible? It has to be water weight right? What in the world? I don't get it. 
My allowance today is supposed 400. If I can't lose with 265 how can I lose with 400? I am so confused and frustrated.
Sipping on a S.F. Red Bull right now. I work 8 to noon and then school 1:30 to 4:30. My stomach is saying eat and my head is saying don't. 
I hope my head wins.


  1. I never understand the whole calories loss gain game...I honestly think my body hates me most the time and loves making me misriable. I can exercise my ass of for a week and get no where and then be lazy and loss. I am sorry the scale is not kind to you right now.

  2. obviously it wouldn't be possible don't worry! It has to be water weight, just have some tea today to get rid of the extra water in you and you might find a double loss in the morning as long as you keep on track! Do not let the scale win today and you WILL be grateful!

  3. No, you couldn't have gained. It must be water weight or something, because that's way too low to gain anything...
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. :) The soup that's 45 calories is Lipton Vegetable Cup A Soup; the box says 50, but My Fitness Pal says 45...
    You're so close to 111, don't get discouraged!

  4. Its okay I'm pretty sure its just water weight , just drink more water that should get rid of it :)
    <3 stay strong and stay skinny


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