Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No support for the troops?

I am really getting pissed off by the bank we have our car loan with. My name is not on the car loan and my husband is deployed. I was given power of attorney and i sent it to them like 3 times and they still won't tell me anything. They keep sending forms and papers and telling me they need more information but this time there is like nothing I can do. They want a copy of my husband's driver's license. Well... he is deployed and has it with him so how am i supposed to fix that? I don't even know where he is... I have told them he is deployed and they just don't care. They say they are going to raise the rates if I don't miraculously come up with it within 60 days. Sorry... I just had to vent.

Food has been ok today. I had my sugar free red bull and then i had the salad for lunch instead of dinner again. I was just so angry after i got off the phone with the bank and i really wanted something to eat! So i ate 5 mini pretzels and 3 swedish fish. Blerg. It's not so bad but i am still just so angry. Sorry girls. 

Tomorrow is muscle conditioning at 6am again and then i work from 8 to noon and then i have school 1:30 to 4:30. I got a really good schedule this year since i am a senior. :-) I am thinking tomorrow night i will be going to bed early. my second class tomorrow is yoga! i am really excited for it. 

love you all!!! and thank you for the wonderful comments! They mean so much to me! 


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  1. Ahhh banks really annoy me too, they think that power of attorney doesn't include them. I would write a really horrible complaints letter to someone high up, hopefully theyll get the thing kick started for you and will let you so what you have to do (I could go on a rant about it now haha)
    Good luck for tomorrow!!
    Jen :)


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