Monday, August 8, 2011

Mornings Mornings

I love it when I start my day off right :-) 
I am down to 118 today. That's 0.6 of a pound down since yesterday and 3 pounds down since Wednesday when I started weighing in again. I know it's a lot to lose in less than a week but I think when you start losing or start losing again you always get this nice big break. Then when I hit 115 again I will be stuck for a while but I am starting off better. Last time I started at 125. 

FOOD ick
breakfast: watery smoothie: 45
                  special k and like a tbsp light plain soy milk : 100
                  and COFFEE!!
lunch:       salad no dressing : 25
                 caprese salad i made : 70 (one tomato with some fresh mozzarella and italian herbs)
dinner: tbd

So i stayed up last night till like 1 or 2 am. thats pretty late for me haha. i was just doodling for my tattoo and looking at people's blogs and finding thinspo. And then somehow I just woke up this morning at 7am. And I am like not even tired. I am actually pretty full of energy... :-) 

Today's agenda:

  • go to doctor at 9:45 (nothing too special... last time i went my blood sugar was super low so she wanted to check it again. well i hadn't eaten that day so of course it was low. let's hope it is a little better this time.)
  • find a cute little storage thing for my bathroom.... i have way to many things just crammed under the sink
  • line the drawers of my desk with this super cute flowery wall paper i found :-)
  • eat very little
  • online shop at forever 21
I will be looking for more thinspo shortly to add to my thinspo page.
and i will be reading blogs!

it is going to go on my right back and shoulder so like it starts on the shoulder blade and wraps around the top of my arm and chest :-) i have pictures on one of these pages ^^ of my doodles so far


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