Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have not been to the actual gym in like 2 whole months! I know! Fat ASS! 
I am about to walk out the door :-)
unfortunately i caved and had a big veggie salad... no dressing though. 
anyways I am off to burn a bajillion calories! 

I will read blogs and post more thinspo and such tonight!


Back from the gym :-) I biked at a good pace on one of those machines for an hour and 30 minutes! When i got up to stretch my legs felt like jelly haha walking home i probably looked like a bafoon... oh well. i am happy with how long i worked out! 
i can't believe i have gained 6 followers since i got back on here sunday night! I love you all! you make me feel heard :-)
it is seven o clock and i am now trying to procrastinate and avoid eating dinner... i think i will have some chicken broth later though. 

later.... ok so i am feeling incredibly weak right now :-( it's good and then not good. so i am about to get a glass of water, maybe some tea and curl up on the couch and watch desperate housewives :-) i skipped out on the broth because i am too tired to heat it up haha i almost caved and had some peanut butter and then gave it to my dog instead. he loved it. for some reason i am really craving starbursts!! my mouth is watering thinking about them. is that so weird?


  1. lol! don't you love when you exercise... and then you end up looking drunk?

    *struggles to walk in a straight line* "no officer, i was just working out! it's not what you think, i swear!"

  2. Nice work at the gym girlie :)

    I get those too for the most random things. Some days it's like... omg if someone doesn't get me fruit loops in the next two seconds I might lose it.

    Stay strong, hope you feel better after your relaxing night!! Lots of sleep.



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