Monday, August 29, 2011

Doing a 24 hour fast.

Yes I know that my intake should be 500. Well. Frankly that is too much for my goals. So I had oatmeal for breakfast (110) and I am not eating for 24 hours from once i finished that - 8:45am.

I can eat again tomorrow at 8:45 am. If I so wish.... or not.
Last Monday I fasted and it was very good for me. I should have just skipped breakfast but oh well. I have an easy Yoga Test today. I already had my Physics lab and one of the kids in my group helped me with the homework for the class I was struggling with. I love it when people help. The actual lab was ok just confusing since our lab teacher is a TA and just doesn't know stuff. 

My monday is pretty lovely so far :-) It is busy and that means easy to not eat. It will get harder when I get home but I am going to try to keep myself out of the house and out of the kitchen. I am going to take the dog on a long walk and then I am going to throw out all of the icky food. Then I will maybe sit down and watch something on hulu if I am not feeling tempted to eat. 
I am allowing myself to drink the following things today: water, coffee, watered down low calorie drinks like crysal light and such. Nothing more than 10 cals per serving. And then I water that down to half drink and half water. Just for some flavor. 
I am not even eating veggies. Just liquids that I mentioned. 

Love you all!! I am going to read and comment on blogs now.


  1. Good luck with the fast! I hope you have a good rest of the day today since it has gone well so far.

  2. Good luck!
    Im fasting today as well for the first time in ages. Going to be very interesting.
    Stay Strong.

  3. Good luck on the fast.
    I love it when people help with work you don't understand. It makes me actually sort of like people. :)


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