Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A successful fast

My fast went great and I am kind of surprised. I hadn't fasted in sooo long. Years probably. So I am happy about that. Today I will be eating a little. Maybe 300 calories. Small healthy breakfast with red bull. No lunch. And a small dinner of veggies or soup with a slice of 40 calorie bread. Lots of water.

So last night I went on fashionmodeldirectory.com and just browsed through the skinny models. Great thinspo and so surprising how young some of them are! like 16 or 17 and already they have been in vogue and walked the runways! At 21 I feel so old compared to them haha
Ok well I better get back to school work... Personal Health and Cultural Anthropology this morning. Hopefully I get through both before I have to go to school. 
Love my ladies!!


  1. righteous! proud of you.

    i wish i didn't suck at fasting. :( i'd totally try if i weren't doing the ABC.

    also, just a FYI, i'm a boy - probably your only male follower. c: love your blog, btw.

  2. Nice job on the fast :)
    Super inspiring, I need to follow suit :P


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