Saturday, August 13, 2011

115 :-) Happy Days!

Yes I have hit another goal :-) I am now 115 and very motivated to get to my next goal! 4 pounds until i get to 111 a beautiful number that comes with an exciting bmi of 18.5 :-) 

I went running last night! Only two miles but I was getting in one of those man i just want foooood moods and so i just went running. I got back and feeling was cured. 
It sure did pay off too. Another pound closer to skinny perfection! 
Sipping on my sugar free red bull now :-) yum! 
Jane : seems like your 10 day diet has started a craze!! Go you!! and I must say it is working marvelously :-) 
Sarah : join us of course!!!

A little update... i will of course put up photos and new measurements when i hit 111 but I just wanted to say that my thigh is miraculously getting close to 18.5 now :-) 
I guess it is just a great day today!! 
Going out with the girls tonight!! Won't take much to get me tipsy tonight... 
also... I am currently finding more thinspo to add to my more thinspo page. 
I love you all!!! And welcome new followers!!! 


  1. 115! wow thats amazing! and u will hit 111 in no time! :) keep it up.
    ps: I have a party to go to tonight. what do u drink that is not as bad as cocktails!? please help

  2. Wow!! Congrats lady! 115 that is awesome! What day of the 10 Day are you on?

    Have so much fun tonight with your girls. You deserve it :))



  3. We must be the same height because 11lbs gives me a 18.5 bmi too.

    Congrats on the 115 :)

  4. Congrats on reaching 115! I just started following you so I just want to say hey. Good luck with the rest of your 10 day challenge :)


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