Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stupid Water Weight

Well Girls, it was water weight.. and I still think there's more of it but oh well. Just got home from school and yoga and I am 111.4. I am not putting anything inside me until I see 111 exactly.  
To you girls who commented on my last post... skinnyobsession9, Alice, weightless, and EDNOS Linny:  You really helped me out a lot!! I was on the verge of a massive binge when I saw the comments! Thank you girls so much!! muah!!

I am going to read your lovely blogs now and comment!!


  1. Well done! You're so
    Close to your goal!! :)
    Jen :)

  2. Yay!! your so close now , no doubt tomorrow you will definitely be 111 :)
    <3 Stay strong

  3. I bet you are glad it's the last one he'll do.
    You're so close to 111 which makes me semi jealous haha. xx

  4. it makes me super jealous!!!!!!!! hahaha, I wish I was 111.4! you're doing great I bet youll be under 111 tomorrow morning! smile skinny lady :)

  5. I hate water weight...
    You must be so tiny, I would give big bucks to see 111 on that scale! ;)


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