Friday, August 26, 2011

Trying to be ready for a busy day...

My weight remained the same, 111.6. I am ok with that. Just glad I didn't gain really and didn't take and laxatives. I tend to do that when i feel like i ate too much. but i resisted. 

So my day today is crazy busy. Work from 8-12 then school 1:30-2:20 then rush home to get some things done around the house and run a few errands. then go to dinner and my parents house (caesar salad), then go to my brothers football game and then go to a going away party. 

it is going to be crazy! and i ran out of red bull yesterday and didn't make it to the store. i think i will stop at the store on my way home from school. i am going to need one to keep me going later today. for now i have some delicious coffee. and my same oatmeal breakfast. 
so this new european wax center opened a few weeks ago maybe 2 months now how times is flying. i think i am finally going to go this weekend. get my eyebrows done. they are getting a little out of hand. i am curious to see what it is like there... the prices aren't too different from the salon i usually go to. 

i can't wait to be 111 and get my hair cut. i think i may get one of those feathers in my hair... i had a dream about it last night. i haven't had any crazy since i've lost weight. i think there may be a correlation there... 

love you all!! got to go... 


  1. staying the same is a hell of a lot better than gaining! you can do it :)

  2. Raw's going well. Just had some salad for brunch. Good luck with the crazy day! I bet you'll be down tomorrow from all the running around.

  3. Good Luck with your busy day! I love being busy! Somehow, it makes me more concious about my intake. Maybe that's how those busy Rockstars do it?
    Stay Strong Babe!
    Jane Pansy<3


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