Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wow It HAs Been Forever!! I am BACK!

my incredibly awful weight gained up to: 118.6

i need to get back on track and get back to where i was when i left... 115. and then i would love to get to 111. i love that number. and 105 would be smashing.

i am working on my tattoo design now so of course i went and found some tattoo thins! check it out on one of my pages ^^ 
it's going to be flowers done in an alice in wonderland original style illustrations and i might throw a mushroom in there. :-D

missed you girlies!!



  1. Following you now! We have the same UGW!! Let's get there together love <3

    PS: Your tattoo sounds awesome. Where are you planning on putting it?


  2. Heyyy. Only a tiny gain - you'll be back to as you were before!!
    The tattoo sounds divine!


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