Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep on Going

The scale was good to me again today. I am now 112.6 somehow! Only 5.6 pounds from my lowest weight and only 7.6 from my UGW which may change when I get there... I will also be posting pictures when I get to 111. I have so many wonderful rewards when I get to my next goal weight :-)
Somewhere I had listed my rewards but I can't find them. Oh well:
Buy the Thigh High socks I am so desperate to wear and look good in
Go make an appointment for my tattoo
Get my jeans tailored. (They are all loose now... about 12 pounds down)
There was more but I don't remember...

Breakfast: Oatmeal: 80 and Half a small banana: 35 (total: 115)
I got the splenda with fiber in it and it's great. 

Work from 8-12 then class from 1:30 to 4:30. I already took the dog for a good walk and I will again in between work and class. I want to avoid eating lunch if I can. Then hopefully tonight I can have that soup I have been wanting! It is the light progresso chicken and dumpling and it is only 160 calories to eat the whole can. That vegan split pea was gross by the way. It had like too many spices in it or something. I have nothing against veganism.... I was vegan for a while but that soup was no good. Anyways... I am going to try and comment on your blogs I follow before I have to head to work.



  1. I know what you mean on the jeans issue. Half of mine have turned into baggy jeans lol. xx


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